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Each student will be required to write a Research Paper.  (Find the due dates to

Each student will be required to write a Research Paper.  (Find the due dates to inform the instructor of your topic,and the submittal date in the course schedule).  The paper should address a current major topic in criminal investigations.  The topic must be narrowly focused (examples include Death Investigation, Robbery, Computer Crimes, Sex Crime, Crimes against Children, Arson, Terrorism investigations, Forensic and/or Crime Scene Investigation, etc).   You may choose your own topic; however, the topic must be approved by the instructor. The research and analysis of the topic must be well presented.  The paper must cover: historical perspective, and societal and law enforcement problems caused by the topic of your choice, constitutional issues concerning the topic Current Statistics concerning the crime, (found in the UCR Index, NCVS, etc. Past national policy and its affects, and, current, or suggested national policy to combat the crime of your topic. types of Modus Operandi that might be associated with the crime, current investigative techniques methods that might be used to obtain information related to the offense, best techniques used to document the crime scene collection and preservation techniques what type information can be concluded from forensic laboratory examination(s) of the evidence any unique circumstances or problems relating to this type offense.   You may wish to visit the Research Article Green Button link, and use some of those resources in your paper. Students will need to let the instructor know their topic by the end of the second week of class. The paper should be at least five (5) pages, (does not include the cover page or bibliography.  All papers should be typewritten, double-spaced, and in APA style.   The page setup should be with one-inch margins, and font size 12, Times Roman Numeral, and black ink.   All papers should have a cover page, and a bibliography.   The paper due date is posted on the course schedule.  Submit your paper in the link provided in this ecampus shell. If you need information on APA style, here are a couple of websites to visit: (To visit these cites, copy and paste these links in the URL address bar) **Hint-  This is an academic paper.  It should be written in aademic style and format, i.e.-  don’t write like you talk.  Visit some academic articles to obtain examples on how write this paper.   Also,  I am not interested in opinion, unless it is supported by research, fact, or academic support. ****  I will be using a plagerism software program to check all papers for plagerism.  If your paper is copied, or pasted from another resource, a zero will be given for the paper.****


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