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) Type of Service Coursework Urgency 10 to 12 hours No. of Pages/Wordcount 6 pag

) Type of Service Coursework Urgency 10 to 12 hours No. of Pages/Wordcount 6 page(s)/1650 Words Citation Style APA Style Detailed Description/Explanation Reflect upon a patient care encounter from personal practice in which principles from Barbara Carper’s theory of “Ways of Knowing” were used. Illustrate how each fundamental pattern for nursing knowledge contributed to the care of this patient. Select a particular area of nursing that is of interest to you. Elaborate on the specifics of nursing research in relation to this area— what can be accomplished by it, and why you believe it to be valuable.  Include an explanation of the following questions in your response. What role does nursing research play in the development of applied medicine? What are the best methods for conducting such research?  Include specific topics you will cover, and how this relates to your literature review. How do you know whether a topic qualifies as research worthy? What criteria make a topic acceptable for research? The assignment should be between 1500 and 2000 words in length and contain at least two scholarly sources, in addition to the textbook and provided material.  Please submit your assignment in one APA formatted document.


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