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Please choose a residential structure you have been in and are familiar with (KU

Please choose a residential structure you have been in and are familiar with (KUWAIT Towers) please use the attached paper form to complete the assignment (1250 words). For example, your childhood home or Rolla apartment, fraternity or sorority, residence hall, hotel, relative’s house, vacation home, etc. Research the history of the building including the designer/architect (if known), when it was built, and any historical significance of the building. Secondly, tell me what you consider the architecture of that structure shows about it, its intended use, its designers and builders, and the time period it was built. What did the designers of the structure want to convey? Were they successful? Document Preview: The Kuwait Towers Kuwait Towers is a uniquely designed group of three-cylinder towers located in Kuwait City, close to the Persian Gulf shore. The idea to build Kuwait Towers sparkled in 1962, just after Kuwait’s independence from Great Britain. The towers’ construction was a portion of a Swedish company water distribution project. Swedish architects, Sune Lindström and Malene Björn, designed the Kuwait Towers which was built from 1971-1976 by Energoprojekt Construction Company. Mustafa Rifai and Lennart Gerte were the chief engineers for the project. The towers were then inaugurated in 1979. Since then, they symbolize the wealth and prosperity of Kuwait. The materials for the construction of the Kuwait Towers were reinforced concrete, glass and dipped steel plates. Kuwait Towers’ primary purpose is the storage of water. Two spherical tanks- of the main tower- hold 158,915 cu ft. of water. The second tower holds 4,500 cubic meters of water. However, the minor tower is used to generate power to be used by the primary and middle towers. The highest tower is 187 meters tall while the second and third towers are 147 and 113 meters tall. Together, these three towers form a unique architectural sculpture that contrasts with the buildings around it. Kuwait Towers’ design combines both traditional Islamic designs and contemporary architectural themes. The design is referenced to the slender minaret and the mosaics that cover mosques of Bukhara and Samarkand. On the other hand, the concrete reinforced towers refer to the models of humanity and technology- both the world’s sphere and a rocket. As a result, the monumental Kuwait Towers continue to show the progressive economic renaissance of the oil-rich country. References Steve. (2018). Inspiring Spires: A celebration of the Kuwait Towers. Web URBANIST, para 1-10. Retrieved from


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