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‘Management Problems Identification’Consider a work environment in which you hav

‘Management Problems Identification’Consider a work environment in which you have personally been involved or any work contextwhich you are familiar with.Reflect on the management approach taken by critically analysing a number of evident problems and explaining the impact these have had on the overall delivery and / or its subsequent performance. Copy and use Table 1 to develop your thoughts and ideas as you begin your planning process.Problems: detail a phenomenon you have observed, or has been reported as being important, and requiring changes you hope to achieve as a result of your enquiry workFactors: variables, parameters or characteristics that are considered to be influential in the problem.Management: problems that require investigation and enquiry, and a strategy for enquiry to be located to bring improvements to the products and services you offer. Problem Number 1 2 Identified management problems(brief details but less than 10 words) Characteristics and factors of the problems(bullet points) Why are these problems considered to be management problems?(50 words) Table 1: Identifying management problems and their factors of influence.Start this aspect of your management problem-solving by reflecting on real-life problems. Some examples might be addressing staff morale issues, incentivising ethical behaviour in staff, recruitment of personnel, procurement or quality management factors, introducing innovation in operations or other business.The outcome of this evaluation part is expected in terms of a set of solutions / recommendations for future businesses in the same area or of a similar scope/budget – well informed by the established theory or industry best practice (i.e. other historical undertakings you may have investigated). As you are going to choose one out of the two management problems presented as the topic of your assessment for the module, please aim to develop a topic that is concise, contextual and with a subject (theme/concept to be critically discussed) that could be researched using the University’s library search engine/catalogue.Differences between basic research and applied research??What are the benefits of good research skills?


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