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Why are some teams more effective when they have access to a facilitator or proc

Why are some teams more effective when they have access to a facilitator or process consultant? Requirements – Minimum 200 Words and I would like 3 paragaphs. Example from a fellow classmate: I believe that team environments that facilitate room for personal bias or conflict can largely benefit from a facilitator or process consultant. For example, in Twelve Angry Men, we saw that many of the jurors spiraled into heated side-arguments due to unrelated conflicting beliefs and biases. There were significant amounts of time that passed where the team verged off track; time that could have been used much more efficiently by working towards their actual goal. A facilitator, the foreman, was a crucial presence in making sure the discussion and team efforts stayed on task, especially during the beginning of their discussion. This set somewhat of a blueprint for how they would manage their time and avoid distractions for the remainder of their time working together. Of course, this is especially useful when the team is working with a deadline. It is easy to get carried away and spend too long on minor or unrelated tasks. Groups with little experience working in team environments can also benefit from a facilitator. An experienced facilitator or manager can ensure that individuals have clear understandings of their responsibilities, and that they each stay on task. While sometimes the best learning comes from jumping right in to hands-on experience, it is usually nice to have a designated person to learn from by example. If a facilitator can direct individuals towards efficiency and effective productivity, the group will benefit and become more effective as a whole. As the team’s experience grows, the need for a facilitator or process consultant will decrease.


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