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Case Study: Auto-Parts Warehouse Management System Jack Greig and Daniel Cox hav

Case Study: Auto-Parts Warehouse Management System Jack Greig and Daniel Cox have several years of experience of running an auto-parts business as a supplier in a major city of Australia. The current warehouse management system is not able to handle highly dynamic procedures that can help them move and store inventory at peak efficiency and lowest cost. Jack and Daniel have decided to develop a new Auto-Parts Warehouse Management System where its functionality can be applied throughout all core warehouse processes, transforming the warehouse into a competitive advantage. You are the business system analyst assigned to develop this system. In your meeting with Jack and Daniel, they provided significant details regarding the basic operations of the system. They expect the system will perform the various functions such as receiving all types of orders, inventory control, order processing, pick up and process orders, order load management, outbound documentation, system alerts, packing orders, and crystal reports. Please note, you must consider the number of wireless communication devices that configure with the proposed system and enables the warehouse management to run the distribution centre using real-time operations. These extensive system functions will improve warehouse operations by minimizing costs and increasing productivity.


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